Where Dan Stands on Issues

Dan Sullivan is a strong supporter of citizens’ individual right to bear arms, founded in both the state and federal constitutions, as well as the inherent right to self defense.

Dan understands well that having capable citizens actively engaged in defending their communities makes for a safer state and country. As such, laws that blatantly restrict gun ownership typically reduce legitimate activity of law-abiding citizens not criminals. Those perhaps well intentioned laws therefore, actually jeopardize security. You can count on Dan to protect your gun rights.


Dan Sullivan understands that Arkansans often pay more than half of their income in taxes.

That’s simply too much. Citizens don’t typically work for the government and they shouldn’t be conscripted through taxation into such service. Government needs to understand that it works for the citizens, and limiting the scope of involuntary exaction is the first way to ensure that.

Highway Funding

Dan Sullivan understands well that all taxes go to pay for government activity.

So, when government tells Arkansans that they need to pay even more in taxes for highway funding, government is playing a shell game. Taxes are taxes, and highway funding is simply one of many expenses that Arkansans pay for. Dan will continue to ensure that government operates within its means without seeking to increasingly drain the wallets of hard- working Arkansans through “specialized” taxes